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Duke basketball player Michael Savarino, grandson of coach Mike Krzyzewski, faces DWI charges with Paolo Banchero

Duke guard Michael Savarino, trainer Mike Krzyzewski’s grandson and freshman star Paolo Banchero face DWI charges after Savarino’s arrest early Sunday morning.

According to court records obtained by The (Raleigh) News & Observer, Savarino, 20, was arrested for DWI and Banchero, 19, was charged with complicity in DWI.

Savarino was arrested early Sunday morning after a stop sign violation, and a subsequent breathalyzer showed a blood alcohol level of 0.08. This is the legal limit in North Carolina. He is also accused of not having given in to a stop sign and of driving after consuming. His license was revoked for 30 days, as is the norm under North Carolina law. He was taken into custody without incident, a police spokesperson told WTVD television.

According to quotes obtained from the Orange County District Court by the News & Observer, Savarino was driving a white 2017 Jeep SUV with Banchero registration, which was a passenger in the back seat.

Banchero was charged with complicity in DWI and was cited and released.

“We are reviewing a legal case involving two members of the men’s basketball team,” Krzyzewski said in a statement to the newspaper. “Any further action resulting from this situation will ultimately be determined by the vice president / athletic director and university officials.”

Savarino’s court date is December 9, according to the newspaper; Banchero is December 8th.

No.7 Duke beat the Gardner-Webb tour 92-52 on Tuesday night. Banchero took the start finishing with 10 points. Savarino did not play.

“Two different situations,” Krzyzewski said of the decision to pitch Banchero. “Two totally different situations. The headlines might make it sound like the same – it isn’t. The decisions we made are in collaboration with our authorities, my superiors. We act. We act. have acted and we will continue to act. “

Regarding the whole incident, Krzyzewski said, “We had a violation of our standards, and we are going to handle this internally. We have already handled it – we are dealing with it. But, violation of our standards. And that’s all.”

Banchero is a potential No.1 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, averaging 19.3 points and 8.7 rebounds in three games. Savarino is a former extra who got a scholarship last summer. Her mother is Krzyzewski’s eldest daughter. She is the assistant director of sports at Duke.

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