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Brady Manek has harsh but true words about the UNC basketball team

The UNC basketball program ended its two-game losing streak Tuesday night with a victory over UNC-Asheville. It was the good news.

The bad news? Although it was a win, the Tar Heels were once again very sloppy and if the Bulldogs hadn’t been a bad shot the UNC team could have ended up at 2-3 instead of 3-2. And that performance came after the Tar Heels looked horrible over the weekend in losses to Purdue and Tennessee.

After that performance, UNC came under fire from two college analysts and an NBA recruiter, claiming the team were selfish. It might have been hard to hear, but after the way UNC played, the review is fair.

After this win over UNC-Asheville, a current player also had some harsh but true words about this team. Forward Brady Manek spoke to reporters after the win and while he was happy to take the win and end the losing streak, he knows this team needs to improve to move forward.

“We have to improve, pure and simple. I don’t know what it is, but we have to play better ”, Manek said via Inside Carolina. “That’s about it. I don’t know if it’s that we need to come together more, we just need to play basketball, I don’t know. We need to play better. I should have beaten them by a lot more. than we did. And we just need to play better. And for me, I played well.

The point is, Manek is not wrong and did right to tell the truth.

In the victory over the Bulldogs, UNC returned the ball over 18 times and was very sloppy throughout the game. Although they had the lead throughout the game, they never really put it aside when they had chances. The Bulldogs reduced the lead to eight at one point, but other than that they didn’t threaten to match it.

The Bulldogs also shot poorly on the field, which is another factor to consider.

UNC still has a tough schedule to host in Michigan and then take on UCLA later in December. If they don’t clean it up, they could face other serious losses. Lucky for them, it’s time to clean up and get better.

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