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Blake Griffin reveals which NBA player is most respected

In a recent edition of Barstool’s “Pardon my Take” podcast, Blake Griffin joined the show to open packs of basketball cards. As Blake and the Barstool team worked on the packs, they would often stop and talk about the player they just shot. When Udonis Haslem’s card appeared, Blake shared very good praise.

When asked if Haslem was universally respected, Griffin responded not only by saying yes, but also added that Haslem must have the highest approval rating in the league among his NBA peers. At 41, it was recently announced that Haslem will be returning for a 19th season with the Miami Heat.

During his 18-year career that began in 2003, Haslem competed in three different championships with the Miami Heat. While Haslem hasn’t played more than 20 games since the 2015-16 season, he has assumed his role as veteran leader of the Miami Heat.

As Blake Griffin mentioned, Haslem’s ability to extend his career by accepting a mentoring role has earned him the unanimous respect of his NBA peers. If Haslem appears in a single game at the end of next season, in the same way he did last season, he will become the 7th oldest player to ever play in an NBA game.

At 41 years and 87 days, Haslem is by far the oldest player in the NBA; However, his role is well defined and it would have earned him the highest approval rating in the NBA.

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