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Best NBA Luka Doncic player accessories and FREE expert betting picks tonight

Seven NBA games are scheduled for Friday night. The last drink of a nationally televised double on ESPN features the Dallas Mavericks taking on the Denver Nuggets. When it comes to NBA player accessories, it is difficult to make choices for Luka Doncic. The following takes a look at three NBA player props for Doncic ahead of tonight’s game. Using both the Awesemo NBA Betting Player Props Tool and the OddsShopper Tool, we will strive to find optimal odds and positive ROI prop bets for Doncic tonight.

Betting Accessories and Choices for NBA Betting Players | Luka Doncic

With the newly refurbished Awesemo OddsShopper tool, it is extremely easy to find the best NBA betting player accessories. Simply filter the betting selections, sort the page and find the best choice for betting. The process is quick, easy and efficient. See below for an example of using the tool to find positive NBA ROI player accessories for Doncic Tonight.

Less than 9.5 assists (-135, Caesars Sportsbook)

Based on the Awesemo prop tool, Doncic’s best choice for tonight’s game is to bet less than 9.5 assists. The line certainly looks a bit high considering Doncic’s past games this season. Only once did he get the double-digit assists needed to clear that NBA betting line. He averages out with just 7.8 assists over the season. Awesemo’s projections suggest Doncic will hand out 8.3 assists tonight, a number much closer to his season average but still well below props total.

Bettors can also view stats from previous seasons to get a better idea of ​​whether this player prop is worth shooting. Sure enough, Doncic has never approached the 9.5 assists per game average over a full season. He finished with 8.6 per game last year. Several other sports bets on the market list this accessory as 8.5 assists, so the number 9.5 is of great value.

Over 27.5 points (-110, FanDuel Sportsbook)

Unlike the assists line, Doncic has grazed that 27.5-point line in each of the last three games. While he’s yet to top the number, the point totals of 27, 26 and 25 over the last three games show Doncic is very close to making it. A projection of 28.2 points gives this prop prediction an expected win percentage of 54%. With some sports bets having slight variations of this line, be sure to reference the OddsShopper tool when placing bets to get the best number and best odds possible.

Over 0.5 blocks (+115, DraftKings Sportsbook)

Going into tonight’s game, Doncic is averaging 0.8 blocks per game. He’s recorded one in each of Dallas’ last three games. Awesemo Props Tool suggests that Doncic will record 0.4 blocks tonight. It’s tied with the plus / minus of 0.5. Given that the Nuggets are one of the worst offensive teams in basketball, Doncic could register a block for the fourth game in a row.

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