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Before they were stars – the childhood dreams of an NBA player

Strange as it sounds, some of the best players in the NBA didn’t grow up hoping to play in the Association. Some found themselves learning to play basketball late, realized they were good at it, and pursued it as a full-time job. Here are some of the players’ dreams and what profession they dreamed of as children.

Dirk Nowitzki – tennis player

Nowitzki’s first sport was not basketball but tennis. He was pretty good at it and was a ranked junior tennis player in Germany. However, due to his size, Dirk focused on basketball. Fortunately he was spotted by a former German international, and the rest is history. Dirk was destined for basketball greatness, and if he pursued tennis he would suffer career-ending injuries sooner, as tall players are more likely to injure their knees and legs due to the texture of grass and clay courts.

CJ McCollum – baseball player

McCollum wasn’t the size when he was in high school. He was only 5’2 “tall. Fortunately, a growth spurt hit him and was able to grow several inches taller, which suited a professional basketball player better. But if CJ hadn’t grown, he would have been a baseball player McCollum could play the pitcher and shortstop position, and his baseball skills were ahead of his basketball skills when he was younger.

Tim Duncan – Olympic swimmer

TD would have been amazing in swimming if he had decided to stick to it. Duncan originally dreamed of being on the 1992 Olympic swim team. Sadly, Hurricane Hugo destroyed the only decent swimming facility in his hometown, so young Tim didn’t have another one. choice than to change sport. The size of the Big Fundamental would have given it an unfair advantage over the swimmers. Thankfully he was focusing on basketball, and San Antonio Spurs fans should be thankful for that.

Klay Thompson – high school coach

Thompson’s dream was always linked to basketball: a high school coach. He could still be once his playing days are over.

“It’s my dream to someday be the athletic director of a high school slash coach.”

Klay Thompson, complex

Klay’s cool and calm demeanor as a player could help him if he ever became a coach. But for now, he’s aiming to get back on the pitch and help Stephen Curry win more titles for the Golden State Warriors. Ain’t Klay’s ultimate trick – he doesn’t want to coach college or NBA level but in a high school? I guess it would give him time to relax on his boat.

Kyle O’Quinn – Guidance Counselor

Kyle O’Quinn’s dream was to become a guidance counselor, which may seem absurd due to his aggressive behavior on the basketball court. In his youth, O’Quinn was involved in many altercations. Kyle thanks his former guidance counselor, who helped change his life, and he wants to do it for someone else too.

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