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Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant: Barcelona’s Leo Messi is the most incredible player I have ever seen

The Los Angeles Lakers star has revealed his great admiration for Messi and his partiality for Barca …

Los Angeles Lakers basketball superstar Kobe Bryant has praised Barcelona phenomenon Lionel Messi for the Argentine’s incredible performances in a Blaugrana jersey.

“He is the most incredible player I have ever seen,” he said according to sport. The truth is, it amazes me when the best player in the world keeps inventing things that I have never seen before. He still has the ability to grow and improve as a player and he is very young.

“I try to watch all Barca games on TV when I don’t have to play my own games. For example, what he did last week against Arsenal in the Champions League was amazing. a phenomenal player, he competes for every ball, he plays harder than anyone, keeps the ball at his feet no matter what is going on around him. He’s a very difficult player to defend because of his style of play . ”

When asked to compare Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger’s comments that Messi is like a Playstation player, Bryant felt the truth was not far removed from the Frenchman’s comments.

“That’s a good way to put it. Messi is a very creative player and you never know what he’s going to do with the ball. He creates excitement for the fans every time he touches the ball. . “

When asked if he could watch El Clasico v Madrid at the Bernabeu, Bryant lamented that he missed the game.

“I only got to see the highlights. Messi scored another incredible goal.”

Finally, Bryant revealed why he was a fan of football and Barcelona in particular.

“I grew up in Milan where my dad played basketball and football has always been a sport that fascinated me. When I grew up I always followed the best players and I really liked watching Ronaldinho when he was playing at Barca. Later Messi’s eruption was spectacular. He is the most incredible player I have ever seen, “Bryant concluded.

The Lakers will travel to Barcelona in October for a friendly against Blaugrana basketball team Regal Barca. Bryant hopes to face Messi on that date.

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