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Basketball Superstar Klay Thompson Shoots To Win In New ‘Built With Chocolate Milk’ ™ Campaign

Known for his clutch basketball performances and long-distance jump shots, Thompson began incorporating low-fat chocolate milk into his nutrition program when his father, a former professional basketball player, gave him chocolate milk after his youth games. Thompson’s affinity for chocolate milk as the recovery drink of choice grew when he later learned his “three-point game” that many other recovery drinks cannot:

Chocolate Milk’s “three-point game”

  1. Nutrients to fuel the muscles
  2. Natural proteins to rebuild muscles
  3. Backed by science

“With 82 basketball games per season, grueling workouts and gym workouts, plus a busy travel schedule, I have to take care of my body and take my recovery routine seriously,” he said. Thompson said. “Thanks to my dad, chocolate milk has been my favorite recovery drink since I was a kid. BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK the campaign is obvious. “

BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK: Klay Thompson is causing a stir

As one of the stars of a championship caliber team and billed as one of the most dynamic professional basketball players, Thompson will be the face of the new national team. BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK TV, print and digital campaign, which debuts on February 15. Later this season, Thompson will also play in a BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK digital content series produced by CBS Sports that should play on its well-known triangle superstition. Fans will have the opportunity to share their own superstitions for a chance to win signed material.

A championship list

Thompson joins a long list of elite athletes who make chocolate milk their post-workout drink of choice, like IRONMAN® Triathlon champion Mirinda Carfrae, American gold medalist swimmers Tyler clary and Jessica hardy, and professional hockey player Zach Parise.

“When you look at the caliber of professional athletes who drink chocolate milk after exercise, it’s no surprise that more and more people consider it their favorite recovery drink,” said Miranda Abney, Marketing Director of the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), the group behind the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign. “Sales of chocolate milk have steadily increased as demand for simple and effective recovery tools is at an all time high, and we are excited to continue to inspire and educate everyday athletes through our new partnership with Klay. “

Chocolate milk: built with science

Over 20 scientific studies of athletes from sports such as running, cycling, swimming and soccer support the benefits of recovery after strenuous exercise with the high quality protein and nutrients in low chocolate milk in bold. As part of a regular recovery routine, it’s an ideal way to help athletes rebuild and remodel with high-quality protein scientifically proven to help repair muscle. In fact, drinking chocolate milk after heavy training could give athletes a performance advantage, according to a growing body of research. According to one study, runners ran twenty-three percent longer in their next run later that same day and saw a thirty-eight percent increase in signs of muscle building when they drank chocolate milk without it. fat after a first race, compared to a carbohydrate. only sports drink with the same amount of calories.I Other research suggests that regularly recovering with low-fat chocolate milk could help athletes tone up. Additionally, the high quality protein in milk has been shown to help athletes gain more lean muscle compared to consuming a carbohydrate-only or soy protein drink, and even lose. of fat versus consuming a carbohydrate-only drink, as part of a regular workout and recovery routine.ii, iii, iv

To learn more about the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign, the science behind the recovery benefits of low fat chocolate milk, and watch Klay thompson Exclusive behind-the-scenes TV spots and videos, visit Join the conversation on Facebook / BuiltWithChocolateMilk, Twitter @Chocolate milk and on Instagram @BuiltWithChocolateMilk.


The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), Washington DC, is funded by the country’s milk processors, who are committed to increasing the consumption of fluid milk. The National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board, through MilkPEP, manages the BUILT WITH CHOCOLAT MILK campaign, a multi-faceted program designed to educate athletes and sportspeople about the recovery benefits of low-fat chocolate milk after a intense exercise. Low Fat Chocolate Milk helps athletes refuel, rebuild and reshape after regular exercise – with high quality protein scientifically proven to help repair and rebuild muscle. For more information, visit

I Lunn WR, et al. Chocolate milk & endurance exercise recovery: protein balance, glycogen and performance. Medicine and science in sport and exercise. 2012; 44: 682-691.
ii Hartman JW, et al. Consuming fat-free liquid milk after resistance exercise promotes greater lean mass build-up than consumption of soy or carbohydrates in novice young male weightlifters. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2007; 86: 373-381.
iii Josse AR, et al. Body composition and strength changes in women with milk and resistance exercises. Medicine and science in sport and exercise. 2010; 42: 1122-1130.
iv McCleave EL, et al. Effects of aerobic training and nutritional supplementation on body composition, immune cells, and inflammatory markers. Medicine and science in sport and exercise. 2011; 23: 442.


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