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Basketball Player Kobe Bryant’s NFT Art Releases KB24 Teaser, Roadmap

The KB24 project has just launched a teaser & the roadmap of their Kobe bryant NFT art collection, and it looks pretty promising. Fans of the project can now get a glimpse of what’s to come with this highly anticipated Kobe Bryant NFT publication date. You can consult the preview on the official website.

According to the team’s official website, the rollout will begin with a first airdrop to collaborators, first users and several lucky fans of the project. After that, fans can expect the project to be officially listed on the OpenSea network, which will allow NFTs to be traded after the initial mint.

Shortly after the mint ends, the KB24 team is ready to donate all profits to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation. Along the way, the project will provide several freebies, including rare NFTs and even field tickets to a Lakers game. The responses from the Twitter community were quite enthusiastic:

Along with continuing Bryant’s legacy and achievements, the project aims to break records for charitable contributions made through an NFT. The project will be promoted through Bryant’s old site, and announcements can be made on official teams Discord and Twitter.

KB24 NFT Collectibles: The Team Behind It All

Starting in 2006, Bryant used to connect with his fans, which grew into a powerful website. For everyone, including Google, the website was Bryant’s official home base.

When Bryant retired as an NBA player in 2016, he no longer owned the domain name. It was only a matter of time before the KB24 website was hijacked by crooks, who used the name and trust that Bryant created to redirect unsuspecting visitors to shady websites full of malicious content.

Enter Andy trey and Sako waves. These two digital entrepreneurs were working late one night when they stumbled upon the domain being offered for sale on the aftermarket. Immediately, being the Kobe fans that they are, they knew they had to own it. In fact, it was reported that they paid a hefty premium for the domain, the amount of which has not been disclosed to date.

The duo’s initial goal was to restore Kobe’s official site to its former glory. They spent much of their childhood visiting the website, obsessed with everything in the realm of the Lakers legend. Even they had no idea at the time that this project would become the massive fundraiser it is currently slated to be.

Andy & Sako, who describe themselves as “digital disruptors,” have helped brands and online startups achieve massive growth using viral marketing and a large network of influencers. With the help of their lawyer, they set the wheels in motion and embarked on the launch of the NFT project under KB24.

Within a day, the team’s longtime business partners Roman Royale, Omkar Ganesan, Vatche Ourishian and Erin Zadoorian were called to San Diego, Calif., Where they stayed for a week and started to work on the NFT project.

Soon after, the duo brought in Tory Waligroski and Elijah Steen, two creative brains with whom they frequently collaborated, to lead the creative development of the project.

Andy says, “In the weeks leading up to the launch, we’ll be sharing more about those who have contributed to the project. Currently, project members can be found on the KB24 website.

According to the KB24 team, all work is done on a volunteer basis and no salary is awarded to any of the team members. For many, this is a passion project for their lifelong idol. The main driver of team motivation is to contribute as long as possible to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation. All profits from the NFT should be fully donated to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation.

In addition, a 10% royalty on each sale of NFT on the OpenSea marketplace will be donated to the Foundation, in perpetuity.

“Since investors took to the space a year ago, digital NFTs have experienced a boom,” says Sako. “Providing funds to non-profit organizations allows us to promote basketball and the sport in the community. “

What you need to know about the KB24 NFT launch

In addition to moments from Kobe’s career, each NFT will include a piece of Kobe’s legacy, showcasing the great achievements and iconic moments of the basketball star.

Created by their chief designer Marina Petre, the purple and gold KB24 website is a nod to the former NBA legend’s website. The art and design of this site pays homage to the black mamba itself.

As for the launch, a first presale was hosted on the site, which ended on September 13.

Elden Mirz, the community manager, was delighted with the rapid influx of new members. “I want to express my gratitude to all of our fan base who have accepted new roles for us. “

Fans can enter presale contests daily on KB24’s Discord server. Demand for the project and a reservation list indicate that NFTs sell out almost instantly. As such, the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation would receive more than $ 3 million from a donation of this magnitude.

On top of that, based on prevailing market trends, the foundation could earn up to $ 50 million in aftermarket royalties.

A preview of the launch was provided on the team’s Discord & Instagram page on September 17.

KB24 is expected to remain viable for a long time, unlike many NFTs who are looking for a quick cash grab in today’s hot market. It is important to recognize the influence and legacy of Bryant, which has led to huge numbers of fans around the world.

What is KB24 NFT art?

Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, the NFTs created by KB24 represent 10,000 unique pieces of digital art.

An announcement from the Discord server says there will be over 100 attributes randomly distributed among the 10,000 NFTs. There will be eight attributes applied across the collection, including jerseys, achievements, accessories, and more that we haven’t learned yet. This means that millions of combinations are possible, although only 10,000 NFT will be hit. As such, there will be a handful of rare combinations that will cost KB24 NFT collectors more.

Additionally, NFT holders will be invited to share their favorite Bryant moments, whether photos, videos or stories, on a wall on the KB24 website.

Have the Foundation and KB24 NFT teamed up?

Although the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation has never entered into formal agreements with an NFT project in the past, a number of sources close to the project have contacted and are awaiting an official response. As the KB24 NFT launch approaches, the team will provide an official update to fans of the project.

How will the proceeds of NFT sales be spent?

According to the official website, the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation – the non-profit organization in memory of Kobe and Gianna Bryant – will receive 100% of the proceeds from the initial sale of 10,000 NFT KB24. A 10% fee will also be applied to all NFT sales on OpenSea, which will be donated in full to the Foundation.

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