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Azzi Fudd, a UConn girls basketball player, has signed a cooperation agreement with Stephen Curry’s organization.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif .– Azzi Fudd has been named Stephen Curry’s Splash Sister.

Curry incorporates the first-year UConn basketball star into his SC30 Inc. brand in a multi-faceted name, image and likeness contract that will help him succeed on and off the court as the top rookie. of the country is building his academic career.

With two young children, the reigning Golden State Warriors NBA scoring champion has long been committed to helping women and has vowed to do more for women’s football. Fudd was one of two women invited to the elite Curry Camp in 2018, and the two have remained friends since then. That summer, Curry also organized a girls’ camp.

Fudd’s involvement with SC30, Curry’s off-field athlete-controlled management company, will encompass more than just a sponsorship deal.

As she balances school, basketball, and the rigors of becoming a face for female athletes, Curry hopes to personally tutor the 5-foot-11 goaltender from Arlington, Va., Who played in the St. John’s College High School in Washington, DC He wants to help Fudd demonstrate his identity to the world, not only through his personality and passions, but also by providing him with a platform and financial support to impart his principles and principles. ideals.

“Azzi Fudd is the best choice to start a brand relationship like this as she is the next face of women’s basketball and has been a part of SC30 Inc. and the Curry Brand family since she was invited to the. All-American camp, ”says Curry.

Two-time NBA MVP Curry and his SC30 team plan to guide Fudd through professional services and growth opportunities to grow his brand. This will mean chances to host and attend events and be part of new brand partnerships, as well as implement personal social impact initiatives while promoting and getting involved in some of those who are dear to Curry and his family.

College student-athletes can now be paid, and Paige Bueckers, a Fudd teammate at UConn, struck a deal with Gatorade on Monday.

This might just be the start for Fudd and Curry.

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