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“An amazing basketball player once in a lifetime”

LA Lakers superstar LeBron James broke the all-time record on Sunday. He became the first NBA player to have 10,000 assists and 10,000 rebounds with 30,000 or more points.

James, 37, has 36,824 points, 10,004 assists and 10,150 rebounds.

Isiah Thomas, a two-time NBA champion and 12-time All-Star with the Detroit Pistons, praised the King on Monday:

Amazing basketball player once in his life @King James Let it be known…

While the combination may seem contrived, this particular stat becomes much more impressive if the points are removed.

James, in his 19th season, is the only player in the NBA with over 10,000 assists and over 10,000 rebounds. Jason Kidd is behind him as the only other player in the NBA with over 8,000 assists and over 8,000 rebounds. Kidd finished his 19-year career with 17,529 points, 12,091 assists and 8,725 rebounds.

Set points aside. He’s the only guy with 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 assists. In fact, the only other guy with even 8,000 rebounds and 8,000 assists is Jason Kidd.…

James came into the game against the Phoenix Suns just two under 10,000 assists. He crossed the mark after Carmelo Anthony threw a 3-pointer on one of his dime.

James has set several records this season.

James passed Kareem-Abdul Jabbar for combined regular-season and playoff points.

On February 12, he scored 56 points against the Golden State Warriors. In doing so, he became the only player with at least 50 points in a game before turning 21 and after turning 37. With his 50-point juggernaut against the Wizards on Friday, he became the only player over 37 with multiple 50-point games.

He also has the highest scoring average for a player in his 19th season with 29.7 points per game.

Lakers decline continues

Sacramento Kings vs. LA Lakers
Sacramento Kings vs. LA Lakers

After falling 140-111 to the Suns, the Lakers (29-38) continued to advance. They are 8-19 since Jan. 9. With no date for Anthony Davis’ return from an ankle injury, they will likely be in the play-offs next month.

Much has been made of the Lakers’ disappointing performance this season. The media and fans played hot potatoes with who or what is the culprit. Is it Russell Westbrook’s terrible performances, Davis’ injuries, lack of defensive prowess or just the fact that the team is too old and uninspired?

With LeBron James posting career numbers almost every night, the Lakers are 2-7 after the All-Star break. James had to score 50 and 56 points in the two wins.

It doesn’t take any NBA analyst to realize that continually relying on LBJ to lose 50 just for the Lakers to win is not a feasible strategy. The way forward, it seems, is to hold on to a spot, save Davis for the playoffs, and rebuild in the offseason.

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