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Amber Heard finds a surprising ally in a basketball superstar

By James Brizuela | 13 seconds ago

Amber Heard may have lost her case against Johnny Depp and public opinion of the woman has plummeted, however, she shouldn’t be ruled out just yet. There are reports that Heard has landed a multimillion-dollar book deal, which could lead to her exposing her truth in greater detail. Not only that, but now she’s gotten the backing of one of the NBA’s biggest superstars. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the most legendary basketball players the world has ever seen and he turned into a strong writer. He often publishes opinion pieces that cover a myriad of topics. He chose to support Heard in one of his latest opinion pieces.

According to Jabbar, “the real agenda here is to diminish women, their voices, their stories – and especially their growing power in society.” The man is referring to the hate Amber Heard has received over the weeks this trial has been unfolding, well, basically the vitriol she has received since the issues with her and Depp became public knowledge. Prior to the start of this defamation lawsuit, there had already been a petition to have the woman removed from Aquaman 2. This stems from the 2019 lawsuit that branded Johnny Depp a “wife beater” in The Sun. This led to Depp’s first lawsuit, which he lost after UK courts upheld 12 of the actor’s 14 abuse charges. Things certainly took a different turn at the last trial.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is taking the trial circus further, and now people are being forced to take sides from the start. There are many who still don’t believe that Amber Heard was so badly abused, there was a strong bias against the woman from the start, and it seemed like Johnny Depp was placed on this pedestal that he wasn’t going to. not be knocked down from . At least Heard can find some kind of comfort knowing that some people are trying to support her, even though most of the country has made a decision about her.

Although Amber Heard and Johnny Depp planned to move on after the trial ended, well, that’s what they both said. It looks like Heard isn’t quite ready to let things go. She appeared on Today, where she spoke about public opinion of her. There’s also this revealing book that happens. Moreover, there are reports that she is going to appeal the court decision, which is not so shocking. Both sides had also said they would appeal if they lost. However, reports said Depp’s team could drop the $8.35 million in damages if Heard discontinues his appeal.

Johnny Depp moved on with his life, which is a little easier considering he won the case. If he had lost, things might have turned out differently for the man too. Amber Heard could continue her appearances to tell her truth, even if no one believes her. At least for her, she can count on people like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to paint her in a better light.