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‘7-footer Wilt Chamberlain is the best basketball player I’ve seen’: Atlanta Hawks legend Dominque Wilkins considers ‘Wilt the Stilt’ GOAT over Michael Jordan

Wilt Chamberlain is a superhuman who deserved to play in the age of good video cameras – Dominique Wilkins thinks he’s the best player he’s ever seen.

Wilt Chamberlain was a mythical human – everyone heard stories of him performing superhuman feats, but rarely anyone has concrete evidence to prove it. He played at a time when technology was still primitive and the best basketball shoes you could get were Converse. High-end video cameras looked like today’s security cameras, so there wasn’t a lot of footage captured.

But even then, news of his deeds spread like wildfire. One person can bluff, maybe 10. But not everyone who has met, seen or played against him, right? Dominique Wilkins is a guy who grew up watching the big man play out his NBA career. Born 1 year after Wilt joined the league, his entire childhood was filled with records and news about the Stilt.

It might seem biased that he chose a guy he watched grow up, but you should consider the fact that Nique grew up in Paris. Chamberlain was world famous and Paris was one of the cities visited by the Harlem Globetrotters, so he knew the pedigree. This man knew he wanted to play basketball like Chamberlain. All the kids who saw the “100 point game” knew who their idol was.

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Wilt Chamberlain was the best center the game had ever seen – no disrespect to Bill Russell or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

There are only 2 players in all of NBA history to win MVP in their rookie year – Wes Unseld and Wilt. While fading into the annals of history, Wilt has become a superstar whose records may not be broken even on a video game. Who averages 50 points and 30 rebounds over an entire season? Will yes. 37.6 points and 27 rebounds in his freshman year made him the first person to win ROTY and MVP in the same year.

The sixties records were held by the big man, and not even the great Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant could beat them. Two of the best attacking monsters the game has seen, and their best season pales in comparison to Chamberlain’s rookie year.

Wilt Chamberlain is a guy who deserves to be in the GOAT debate – props to Dominique Wilkins for giving her flowers.

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