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1 NBA player Kobe Bryant refused to model his game after

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was a basketball student.

He studied both the greats who came before him and his contemporaries, picking up their strengths and working hard to avoid their weaknesses.

That said, there was one player he didn’t take inspiration from in the game.

And the reason he avoided doing it was because of some advice he received from Kareem-Abdul Jabbar.

This advice? Don’t be like Darryl Dawkins.

“Darryl has spent so much time being a clown and not focusing on the finer aspects of the game,” Abdul-Jabbar said in 2020, as reported by USA Today. “Darryl was just amazingly and physically gifted like Shaq. But he didn’t understand his potential and used it in the right way. This is something Kobe would never do. Kobe would have pulled every ounce of his potential, which he did. You saw the killer he was. It is because he has learned to use it in the right way and to use his talents in the best way. I have a lot of respect for him. He got the best out of his game and he played the smart game.

Bryant would heed this advice and ultimately become one of the greatest of all time.

In recent years, especially due to his untimely death, a lot of interesting information about Bryant has emerged. Everything from his experience at the 2008 Olympics to his opinion of who would win 1: 1 between him and LeBron James on both sides of his personality. Each piece of information is necessarily more fascinating than the last.

While Bryant may be gone, it’s safe to say that he will never be forgotten.

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